London Olympics 2012 Overview

Wow, 2 weeks have really flown by huh? it's also been a busy time for @lookasingh where I've had the busiest time since setting up the site.  The amount of Olympic Singhs spotted and the hits that has had has been through the roof!

Throughout the Olympics, including Torch bearers there have been :-

45 Singhs spotted on TV with 21 in July and 24 in August.
6 Singhs have been spotted at the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
6 sets of Singhs have been spotted at the Olympic Closing Ceremony including The Dhol Foundation and Virsa Punjab Bhangra Group as shown below.

Overall it's been a great Olympics for Sikhs with so much exposure on worldwide television, espically after the recent incident in Oak Creak.

lets all keep our fingers crossed for Kabaddi in 2020
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