Look! A Singh! joins Instagram

In an aid to increase user engagement and retention Look! A Singh! is now on Instagram.  I'm currently manually posting to Instagram and Facebook which has had an improvement on engagement.

follow us on Instagram! i might even send you a free Samosa!

Look! A Singh! on Instagram

50,000 Pageviews!

Earlier this week Look! A Singh! reached a huge milestone and achieved 50,000 page views. I'm sure you will agree with me that this is a huge milestone for a site thats only been live since January 1st.

Thank You!

Twitter Header

I've added a Twitter header image, the same one as I've got on the Look! A Singh! Facebook Page.

The image is special to me, the EastEnders Singh is 1st Singh posted on www.lookasingh.com.

A 1000 Thank You's!

Earlier this evening Look! A Singh gained its 1000th follower on Twitter.

I would personally like to thank you all in all your support that we have received over the past 11 Months.

I would send you all a Samosa if I could!

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