Goodbye 2013 - What a year it's been!

What an amazing year its been for Look! A Singh! Here are some stats from the past 12 months.

  • There have been 542 Singhs Spotted in Media at the time of writing in 2013 - Altogether since the site has been created in 2012 - 882 Singhs have been spotted! 

  • The most popular Singh this year was the Take me out Singh - Param Singh who has had 5444 hits! (Link).  Followed by Param Singh was the Match of the Day Justice for the 96 Singh spotted by @KhalSir who has had 1365 hits.

  •  The top 10 most popular Singhs on Look! A Singh! are as follows
    1. Take Me Out Singh @Param_TakeMeOut 
    2. Match of the Day Justice for the 96 Singh via @KhalSir 
    3. Martin Lewis Money Show Train Singh #itvmlshow 
    4. Remembrance Sunday 2013 Singh - Lord Indarjit Singh of Wimbledon   
    5. #OlympicCeremony Canadian Singh
    6. #MOTD Flag Holding Patka Singh via @Jdhamu   
    7. BBC at the Proms Singh #PromsSingh via @matharu1959 @jaspritsingh
    8. McDonalds Advert Singh via @Rav_Sahota #McSingh 
    9. Olympic #ClosingCeremony Dhol Players 
    10. The Gap New York Poster Singh - Waris Ahluwalia via @Paramveer_MKE  
  • 42 Singhs in Movies have been spotted (Link)

  • My favourite Singhs that has been spotted in 2013 was the Robocop Singh (lets hope there's a Singh in the new Robocop movie coming out in 2014) and Zombie Singh from the movie Walm Bodies.

  • The most popular Month in 2013 was October where 48 Singhs were spotted! (Link)

  • In 2013 the site itself had 45,152 unique pageviews with 20,139 pageviews coming from the UK, 2,446 from the US, 1,710 from Canada and 957 from India.  1 pageview was from Nicaragua.

  •  The majority of users who have visited the site are as follows
    1. 33.50% are aged between 25-34
    2. 54.15% are Male and 45.85% female
  • 10,038 visits have from been from an Apple iPhone,  1,766 visits from an iPad and 593 visits from Samsung Galaxy S II.
I would like to thank everyone who has sent/posted a Singh, without you Look! A Singh! wouldn't work and I love you all!  Have a wonderful 2014.

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