Goodbye 2014 - The Year Of The Award

The past 12 months have been amazing for Look! A Singh!

- Look! A Singh is now an award winning blog after winning the award for Best Blog at The Asian Media Awards 2014!

- There have been 972 Sikhs spotted in Media, this is a huge increase from last year were 545 Sikhs were spotted. I hope this continues to grow thought 2015.

- The most popular month was November with an astounding 110 blog posts!

- The most popular post is still the Take Me Out Singh - Param Singh where he's kept that position for almost 2 years now, he's closely followed by the amazing Roop Singh who won Deal or no Deal earlier this year.

- One of my favourite articles I wrote was about Sikhs in Far Far Away Galaxies (link) where I spotted a Singh on another planet in the TV Show Flash Gordon.

- Look! A Singh! got a retweet from David Walliams!

- I photographed and tracked the entire journeys of Roop Singh who won Deal or no Deal and Pav Paul who entered the Big Brother House.

- The fantastic image below (credit @gurratansingh) went viral in August after I included the famous quote.

Overall it's been a fantastic year for Look! A Singh! The social and presence has continued to grow at an alarming rate, I'm hoping to keep this momentum in the new year.

A huge thank you to all followers, supporters and contributors, without you it wouldn't be the same. <3

Children in Need 2014

Sikh Puns

Since starting LookASingh I'm constantly searching for content to keep my followers entertained. Whilst doing a quick search on Twitter for Sikh I came across something which was relatively new to me, people were actually using Sikh words as puns.
Dude, that's Sikh!
Can you even Singh?
While in the grand scheme of things, people will always post what they want to post but I did come to realise that whilst they were using these puns, people had actually got the correct religion (which is quite often one of my bugbears!).

A photo posted by Toby Parodi (@toby_parodi) on

Whilst there is a debate over whether people should be using Sikh Puns in the first place, It's comforting knowing that at least some people are finally getting the correct religion and not mistaking all Turban wearing people as the same.

My Father - West Yorkshire's First Sikh Crossing Warden

When good things happen in our lives, it makes us remember the family members that are no longer with us. On October 9th 1984 my father Gurdev Singh Lota was interviewed for an article in Yorkshire Evening Post. The article pictured below was to highlight the fact that he was West Yorkshire's very first Sikh School Warden.

In order for my father to become a Crossing Warden, West Yorkshire Police provided him with 30ft of special reflective material of which he tied his Turban with.

I vividly remember walking home from school and he would be helping children cross the very busy Chapeltown Road in Leeds.

He sadly passed away in 2003 but his memory will always live on.

Look! A Singh! Mentions across the web

Look! A Singh! Mentioned on the Manchester Evening News Website

Following on from the Asian Media Awards, Look! A Singh! have been mentioned in the Manchester Evening news.

BBC Asian Network - Live on the Nihal Show

What a week it's been! yesterday I won Best Blog at the Asian Media Awards and today I spoke to Nihal live on BBC Asian Network.  I was live on air along with Priya Mulji and discussed the awards. 

It's always nerve wracking being live on radio but it was much easier this time with a face to face interview.

To listen to the interview, click here - it's available for 30 days as usual

Look! A Singh! Wins the award for Best Blog at the Asian Media Awards

I'm pleased to announce that Look! A Singh! has been awarded best blog at the Asian Media Awards 2014.  This is the first time I've ever been nominated for an award and to win is something special.

Other contenders in the category for Best Blog were and which are each awesome in their own right.

I would like to also take the moment to thank everyone who follows and contributes to Look! A Singh! on a daily basis, it wouldn't be the same without you.

Click here to see all winners from the awards

Look! A Singh! mentioned on the Sikh Channel

Look! A Singh! honoured to be mentioned on Dr Savi's show Media Watch on the Sikh Channel.  With thanks to Chaz Singh (@PlymouthChaz)

The Father of Fibre Optics

Every time we upload a photograph, update your Facebook status or send a tweet the information is sent almost instantaneously over the internet to servers located hundreds of miles away.  This is only made possible by sending data over fiber optic cables.

In 1952 Narinder Singh Kapany with his professor Harold Hopkins started to develop optical fibres at Imperial College London. Not only is optical fibers used in Communication systems but also in medical instruments, Microscopes and Christmas trees.

Image Via Darpan Magazine

Narinder Singh Kapany coined the term ‘Fiber Optics’.

A successful entrepreneur, he started his company Optics Technology Inc. in Silicon Valley in 1960 and founded Kaptron Inc. in 1973.  He sold the company to AMP Incorporated, which is now part of Tyco International.  His latest company founded in 2000, K2 Optronics was recently acquired by Emcore Corporation.

Narinder Singh Kapany celebrates his birthday today.

Look! A Singh! nominated for an Asian Media Award 2014

I'm pleased to announce that I've been nominated for an Asian Media Award for my blog Look! A Singh!

This came as quite a surprise as I didn't even nominated myself!

I attended the Launch of the Awards at the ITV studios in London last week where I got to mingle with all the other nominees and some celebs.

Other nominees for 'Best blog' are, and which are all awesome in their own right.

The final for the awards are in Manchester at the end of October and I'll be there. Whether I win or not, it sure is amazing to have been recognised for my hard work. I'll just have to make sure my tie is straight!

Scotland... We need you

Happy Birthday Lord Singh

Asian Media Awards 2014 Finalist

I'm please to announce that Look! A Singh! has been nominated in the "Best Blog Category" at the Asian Media Awards 2014.

Lego Singh from The Lego Shop #LegoSingh

Today I had a trip into town to purchase some Lego Singhs from the Lego store. They're not technically advertised as Singhs but more of a Lego man with a Turban.

You can buy these at any official Lego store as long as you are willing to fight though a barrage of screaming kids and find the parts yourself.

You can buy 3 for £5.00

Why blend in when you were born to stand out

Image credit @gurratansingh

Happy Birthday Tanmanjeet Dhesi @tan4mp

Pav Singh Paul is a runner up on Big Brother UK 2014

Friday 15th August marked the final show of Big Brother UK where the final 6 housemates battled it out to become the winner of Big Brother 2014.

Pav unfortunately didn't win but having a Sikh on national television every day did make an impact.  He survived 33 days which is quite an achievement on its own merit compared to some of the previous housemates.

We've been following Pav on Big Brother since he entered the house on Monday 14th July.  Check out the images below from his time in the house.

Well done Pav! As always you can follow Pav on Twitter @pavyp and Instagram @pavy_p 
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