Look! A Singh! Rebrand

In January this year I asked my friend and Graphic designer Ross Edwin from Regraphic to come up with a new brand for Look! A Singh.  I wanted to move away from the current logo "The Singh With No Eyes" - (No one actually asked me why he had no eyes, which I thought was strange).

The Singh With No Eyes, was a Purchased logo from iStock and it served me well.


The brief for the new logo included the following:
  • It must and always positivity represent Sikhi and Turban Wearing Sikhs
  • I would like to be able to change the colour sceme from time to time during certain events
  • I want something thats not too different from the current logo but it had to be new and exciting
  • It must include a Sikh Turban.
  • I would like a Fifty as the current logo does.
Ross got to work and quickly got back to me with this initial sketch

I absolutely loved the concept.  The turban was great with the eyes representing a Singh looking.  I wanted to ensure that Turban had it's own unique style as all Sikh Turbans do.

The Final Design

The final design is perfect.  The blue and yellow is customisable and I love that the turban is easily recognisable and different variations of the logo include...

World Cup Turban

St Georges Flag Turban

German Flag Turban

Paisley Design Turban

The logo had exceeded my expectations and all credit goes to Ross Edwin from Regraphic
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