Roop Singh Beats The Banker and Takes Home £250k

On Thursday 16th Jan Twitter user @mjar sends me a picture of the awesome Roop Singh who is now a contestant on Deal or No Deal.

but this isn't the 1st time Roop Singh has been on TV, he was featured on To Buy or not To Buy in July 2012 with his wife Surinder (via Sukhwant Lota)

So I start to follow Roop Singhs progress on Deal or No Deal and capture a picture of him in every show (here)

24 shows later....
I'm sat at work and my phone starts buzzing with people on twitter informing me that it's Roop Singh's turn on Deal or No Deal.  I was expecting his turn to be sometime this week as he had already done 24 shows but you never really know.

Roop then proceed to play a brilliant game with nerves of steal and finally he turns down an offer of £46,000 and is left with 2 boxes - £500 and £250,000 -  he won the jackpot of £250,000!!
Immedeatly after winning he was featured in The Mirror Newspaper

and gave this interview

We wish Roop Singh and his family all the best for the future and feel free to follow him on twitter @RoopDonD

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