The Father of Fibre Optics

Every time we upload a photograph, update your Facebook status or send a tweet the information is sent almost instantaneously over the internet to servers located hundreds of miles away.  This is only made possible by sending data over fiber optic cables.

In 1952 Narinder Singh Kapany with his professor Harold Hopkins started to develop optical fibres at Imperial College London. Not only is optical fibers used in Communication systems but also in medical instruments, Microscopes and Christmas trees.

Image Via Darpan Magazine

Narinder Singh Kapany coined the term ‘Fiber Optics’.

A successful entrepreneur, he started his company Optics Technology Inc. in Silicon Valley in 1960 and founded Kaptron Inc. in 1973.  He sold the company to AMP Incorporated, which is now part of Tyco International.  His latest company founded in 2000, K2 Optronics was recently acquired by Emcore Corporation.

Narinder Singh Kapany celebrates his birthday today.
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