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Sikh Puns

Since starting LookASingh I'm constantly searching for content to keep my followers entertained. Whilst doing a quick search on Twitter for Sikh I came across something which was relatively new to me, people were actually using Sikh words as puns.
Dude, that's Sikh!
Can you even Singh?
While in the grand scheme of things, people will always post what they want to post but I did come to realise that whilst they were using these puns, people had actually got the correct religion (which is quite often one of my bugbears!).

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Whilst there is a debate over whether people should be using Sikh Puns in the first place, It's comforting knowing that at least some people are finally getting the correct religion and not mistaking all Turban wearing people as the same.

My Father - West Yorkshire's First Sikh Crossing Warden

When good things happen in our lives, it makes us remember the family members that are no longer with us. On October 9th 1984 my father Gurdev Singh Lota was interviewed for an article in Yorkshire Evening Post. The article pictured below was to highlight the fact that he was West Yorkshire's very first Sikh School Warden.

In order for my father to become a Crossing Warden, West Yorkshire Police provided him with 30ft of special reflective material of which he tied his Turban with.

I vividly remember walking home from school and he would be helping children cross the very busy Chapeltown Road in Leeds.

He sadly passed away in 2003 but his memory will always live on.

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