TV Pilot - Bangers & Cash by @RanjitSShubh @01Hassankhan

Being a huge fan of Television Shows.. I'm always fascinated by Pilots. I remember watching the very first episode of Friends and thinking Wow, that's pretty freaking cool.

I've come across a new kind of Pilot show called Bangers and Cash which has been set up by Ranjit Singh Shubh and Hassan Khan. Ranjit who you may have seen recently in a hilarious advert for Tango and Hassan who has his own hugely successful web series called Corner Shop Show.

The shows premise is based around some interesting staff and customers in a greasy spoon, including Tamar Hassan from one of my favourite films, The Business.

Check out the pilot below and if you like it, then share it and let your friends know. The more interest the pilot has, the greater chance of it becoming a TV Show.

Lego Stormtrooper Singh

via @misterlall_moviesingh (instagram)

Skydiving with a Turban

Harjinder Singh Kukreja became the first Sikh to Skydive whilst wearing a Turban.  Harjinder from Ludhiana, Punjab jumped in St Kilda, Australia for Religious freedom in France.

Check out the video below, he's a braver man than I am!

You can follow Harjinder on the following social sites

Twitter @SinghLions
Facebook /HarjinderSinghKukreja
Facebook /hotbreads
Instagram @HarjinderKukreja

Thank You Gurinder Chadha

Happy Birthday

If your parents/grandparents are from the motherland then their birthday is probably today....

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