Sikh-ing Acceptance - RT News Report by @polly_boiko

Here is an interesting News report by RT's Polly Boiko on how Sikh have been mistaken for Muslims.

Forces TV: Army Looking at Recruiting More Sikh Soldiers

A great report by Tim Cooper on the British Army's initiative to create a Sikh Regiment

"Army Looking at Recruiting More Sikh Soldiers"

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The first Sikh on Mars - Taranjeet Singh Bhatia

Great news, Taranjeet Singh Bhatia from India has been shortlisted and is now 1 of 100 people who could be a part of the first astronauts to land on Mars. 

The project aims to set up a human colony on Mars and envisions 40 people sent to the red planet on a permanent basis.

Finalists will train for seven years and Mars One will begin sending out four at a time from 2024.

You can view his full profile here 

Good luck Taranjeet!

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Taranjeet Singh Bhatia

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